Hashish Violator Iceolator


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Hashish Violator Iceolator


The piece we got for a review was VERY tiny, so it must be in high demand. Just look at this stuff; it is SO dangerous looking that a part of you thinks "leave well good alone�" The pieces are thin and have a shiny outer layer. If you make breaks in the centre, it goes a bit lighter, but still remains quite dark overall. There is a bit of layering going on in here which is rare to see in an ice hash. It certainly lights up easily, but as is normal for this sort, it starts to "melt" when placed into a pipe and fired up. Hashish Violator Iceolator 




The "burn" gives out a smell of a hot metal. It is very, very pure hash with a taste that is almost floral. The smoke released makes many people in the room very happy...Hashish Violator Iceolator




This is totally peppery and it made my nose very itchy like I had my gob hanging over a bowl full of crushed pepper. 🙂 When it burned you got such a rich taste of fresh "green", that I love so much with these type of hashes... it is simply pure THC resin!




FX are light, top of your head high. You turn your head, and it takes a while to notice that you actually changed your view. You feel a bit light in your toes after a small bowl of this "hot melted hash". This weed is incredibly cerebral and often left me forgetting if I was stoned�. or what!?! Hashish Violator Iceolator 




Overall it's damn good, but every single year I go through about 3 pipes when sampling weed like this! It melts down inside the glass and gunks it all up, making it verydifficult to get a pure flavoured hit for the reviews I try to make. Hashish Violator Iceolator

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