Grapefruit Durban


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Grapefruit Durban Strain

Grapefruit Durban is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Durban Poison and Grapefruit. The terpenes from Grapefruit make this strain smell like citrus with a taste that is both sweet and sour - just like a pink grapefruit. Smoking Grapefruit Durban will give you a cerebral, energetic and motivating high that can be felt throughout your entire body. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help fight fatigue. Grapefruit Durban buds are frosty and dotted with bright orange hairs.

Grapefruit Durban is everything you need in a sativa-dominant strain! A soaring, roller-coaster, Durban high is coupled with a distinct flavor of pink grapefruit - the result of a cross between the pure landrace sativa Durban Poison and the legendary and mysterious Grapefruit. Jack Herer, Haze, and Durban lineages all cross together in this excellent-tasting strain to give it a legendary pedigree second to none.

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